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PCM Energy P. Ltd

Natural Cooling by Phase Change Materials
Customized PCMs

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Phase Change Materials PCM Encapsulation Methods or Packaging

Extruded Panels ------- Aluminium Pipe Filled
------------- PCM filled Panels ------------------------- PCM filled Aluminum Pipes

Pacing PCM Basic Telecom Shelter BTS
-- 3 Panels View -------------------- Telecom Shelter

Natural Air conditioning with PCM in Ceiling

Natural Cooling by Phase Change Materials
Renewable Energy PCM Cooled AC Office building in Netherlands.

Floating balls cooled by Phase Change Material Inside of Floating balls Public display at Rotterdam
Floating Balls of Rotterdam cooled (Air Conditioned) by PCM.

Heat Exchanger Profiles
Heat Exchanger Stackable & Wall Mountable PCM-Filled Profiles

Battery Jacket Double Jacket
Battery Jacket for Outdoor Telecom Shelter

Bottles ------- HDPE Ball ------- SS Balls -------PCM Battery Jacket

Aluminum Bottles --- HDPE Balls --- S S Balls --- Jacket

BTS ShelterPl Click to Enlarge
PCM Installed in Telecom Shelter for Ac-Back-up at 29C

Hermetically Sealed Profile of Any Size Like 16mm*160mm*1000mm OR 20mm*200mm*850mm or ..etc,  offered in Polymer or Aluminum filled with desired Grade of PCM i.e. Phase Change Material. We can give PCMs in Aluminum or Pet Bottles, HDPE or SS Balls or in Aluminum Sinks or in any container e.g. Annular Rings, Heat Transfer Coils etc. as per your choice.

Cold Storage, Shipping and Sundry Application:

Cool Box Medicine Box
PCM-Filled Insulated Boxes for Transport of Medicine, Food, Live Culture, Human Organs etc. are available in several sizes.

Several Types of Packing can be custom made for cold storage and shipping application. Insulated Containers having back up of PCM of appropriate temperature (like -40oC or say +18C) can be offered. As a demonstration, we have shown below a small size "PCM-backed Insulated Container". It has four PCM-filled profiles inserted in a special high-class insulated box. The box was kept for 30 days at 18C by filling it with appropriate PCM. Containers of any size and shape can be tailor made

Cool Furniture Cover Ring Ice Pack
PCM-filled Furniture -- PCM-filled Rings -- Molded Packs

PCM Encapsulation Phase Change Material Manufacturers

PCM Energy P. Ltd
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Heat Exchanger Profiles
Heat Exchanger Stackable & Wall Mountable PCM-Filled Profiles

PCM Phase Change Material Suppliers & Exporters to USA (Representatives in Houston Texas & Chicago Illinois) Canada UAE Dubai & Europe South Africa Egypt Turkey Mexico Brazil Argentina Chile European areas like England UK Switzerland France Poland Italy Netherlands Sweden Spain Australia Korea etc.