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2 Phenethyl Propionate, Phenyl Ethyl Propionate Manufacturers

Phenyl Ethyl Propionate
CAS Number 122-70-3, 2-Phenethyl Propionate Propanate, Fragrance & Flavor
Phenyl Ethyl Propionate

Fragrances & Flavors are the most pleasing sensual media to reach to the Almighty and the hearts of those created by him. In their natural form they are becoming too scarce and costly for common man to afford. Human beings are now making fragrance that are superior to the natural ones. Phenyl Ethyl Propionate is one such product.

It  is a colourless slightly oily liquid. Soluble in alcohol, propylene glycol & oils. It has hebaceous-rosy, deep-fruity, tenacious odor with a delicately spicy note (warm-balsamic).

Widely used in perfume compositions like ylang, rose, jasmin, lavender etc. Due to its discretely spicy & balsamic note, it can be utilized in almost any herbaceous, woody or oriental type fragrances.
It is a classic moss-rose. It produces warm tonalities with benzoates, salicylates, styrax, and cinnamic alcohol etc.
Frequently used in flavor compositions for imitation of strawberry, honey, raspberry, peach, tobacco flavor etc.



Clear, Colourless Liquid

Acid Value


Sp. Gravity

1.010 to 1.020

Ref. Index

1.493 to 1.496


>98.0%  by GC.

Molecular Weight


Basic Identification Information About This Chemical

Chemical Name:

Phenylethyl propionate

CAS Number:


U.S. EPA PC Code:


CA DPR Chem Code:


Use Type:

Fragrance, Dog and Cat Repellent, Insect Repellent, Insecticide, Pheromone

Visit 2-Phenethyl Propionate MSDS for more details.

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