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Natural Cooling by Phase Change Materials
Customized PCMs

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Phase Change Material Manufacturers for Air Conditioners, Electronics Green House Telecom ...

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For a detailed write up on Thermal Salt visit our page PCM Manufacturers Products. It gives general information on all the products like T-series Salts18-29C; S-series Salts 32-48C. Hot & Cold Packs, Freezer Salts, “Your Choice PCM”, and Encapsulation are also addressed.

For a write up on Thermal Salt for general purpose like Green house Electronics, visit our page PCM - General Products like Green House Electronic cooling. It covers most items with a little more details.

For a PCM cooled low humidity 7200 sq. ft. ware house click Air conditioned by PCM - Phase Change in Houston, USA.

For a write up on Thermal Salt Free Air Conditioning & Heating by Day-Night equalization at a target of 23-24oC, green House at 16oC and Cold Storage-Shipment visit our page Phase Change Materials Air Conditioner at 21C or 29C

You may also check Natural Cooling - PCM AC. Backup

For a write up on Thermal Salt for Air Conditioning Back-up & Free-Cooling by Day-Night equalization in Telecom Shelter along with a Live-Site Trial, Elimination of Diesel Generator visit our page Telecom Shelters - PCM

For Encapsulation of PCMs visit our page PCM - Encapsulation

For Testing Methods, Conversion to BTU/oF/lb etc. and Frequently Asked Questions visit our page Doctor Says

PCM Phase Change Material Manufacturers & Suppliers

PCM Energy P. Ltd
Mazgaon, Mumbai 400 010, INDIA
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Email: anmol@pcmenergy.com

USA & Canadian Customers may Call 773-829-5811

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Pacing PCM SS Balls
----- PCM filled Panels ------------------- PCM filled SS Ball -

PCM AC Air Condition
Natural Air conditioning with PCM in Ceiling.

Natural Cooling by Phase Change Materials
Renewable Energy PCM Cooled AC Office building in Netherlands.

Floating balls cooled by Phase Change Material Inside of Floating balls Public display at Rotterdam
Floating Balls of Rotterdam cooled (Air Conditioned) by PCM.

Heat Exchanger Profiles
Heat Exchanger Stackable & Wall Mountable PCM-Filled Profiles

Phase Change Materials Manufacturers PCM for Telecom Shelters, Air-conditions, Electronics Green House etc